Andrew Scheer spoke to supporters in Regina on Tuesday, with a promise to put an end to the government's controversial carbon tax.

Scheer has been active in fighting the current government's climate change plan, saying he would have a plan of his own in place that would still meet the Paris targets of a global climate change initiative.

On Tuesday, the first day of the carbon tax, the opposition leader addressed its impact.


“Everything that has to be trucked and transported in, like the produce that clearly wasn’t grown locally in January or December, has to be shipped in,” Scheer said. “All of these extra costs are not included in what the Liberals are offering Canadians as compensation for the carbon tax.”

He went on to explain that everyday necessities like heating a home or stocking a fridge, will become increasingly expensive under the new tax.

The federal carbon price will go into effect in Saskatchewan and other provinces that refused to design plans that line up with Ottawa’s pricing plan. Three of these provinces are challenging the tax in court.

According to Scheer, the conservatives will be unveiling their climate change plan well ahead of this years federal election.