REGINA -- Police forces across the province handed out more than 1,400 tickets to speeders in school zones last month, Saskatchewan Government Insurance says.

SGI says all school zones are marked with signage indicating the speed limit, along with when the zones are in effect.

According to SGI, police issued 1,424 speeding tickets, 13 tickets for failing to yield to a pedestrian and four tickets for passing a school bus or failing to stop when safety lights were operating.

SGI says those numbers don't include photo radar tickets.

The Crown is reminding all drivers to take care when travelling through school zones.

Regina's school zones slowed to 30 kilometres an hour this fall.

In September, police also reported 286 impaired driving offences, 901 distracted driving offences, 513 tickets for seatbelt or car seat use and 6,463 speeding tickets.

October's Traffic Safety Spotlight is focused on distracted driving.