Sentencing has been delayed for a Regina man who pleaded guilty to severely abusing his dog.

On Thursday, a sentencing hearing for 21-year-old Nelson Menard was adjourned for over a month to await a pre-sentence report.

Menard was charged with animal cruelty in March after a neighbour captured video of him hanging his dog by her leash and repeatedly kicking and hitting her.

Diana Bishop, an animal protection officer with the Regina Humane Society, says it’s rare to have such concrete evidence of animal abuse.

“Quite often we see the results of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect. It’s not often that we actually see it occurring,” Bishop told reporters outside the courthouse.

“So, in that respect, it has taken a major toll on both myself and my team, and everybody at the shelter.”

The young pup, named Kindle, suffered a dislocated hip in the incident and is said to be in too much distress for adoption.

Menard is scheduled to return to court Oct. 18.