The sentencing hearing for the second of two teenagers who killed 16-year-old Hannah Leflar got underway Monday in Regina with some major admissions by the convicted murderer.

In an agreed statement of facts submitted to the court, the teen admits he knew his accomplice, Skylar Prockner, was going to kill Leflar prior to the murder.

The teen admits to going along with Prockner, even being in the room when the killing happened. But he says he neither participated in the murder, nor tried to stop it.

He also admits to helping concoct alibis and trying to dispose of evidence.

A teenaged girl who was friends with the teen at the time of the murder testified he told her he was going to meet with Leflar the day she was killed. However, under cross-examination, she admitted her memory of that day and conversation has faded over the years.

Prockner  also took the stand at the sentencing hearing Monday, wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and leg chains.

Prockner testified that the teen was one of several people he recruited to spy on Leflar.

“I asked him a couple times to keep an eye on her,” Prockner said. “I had eyes around the school.”

Prockner claimed he did not originally plan on killing Leflar, saying “I just wanted to hurt her.”

Prockner said he told the teen to bring a knife, and the teen brought a blade that had been a gift from Prockner to Leflar. However, he later added that the teen never used the knife.

Prockner testified he told the teen to wait in the truck, but he came with him to Leflar’s house anyway.

Prockner broke down in tears as he recounted how he killed Leflar. There was sobbing in the courtroom gallery as Prockner gave gruesome details of her death.

Following the murder, Prockner says he told the teen to smash Leflar’s cellphone, which he did.

Prockner said he also told the teen to throw the knife into a dumpster, then go back to retrieve it, which he also did.

But under cross-examination, a defence lawyer pointed out that Prockner has testified in the past that the teen did not have a knife.

Prockner stood by his testimony Monday, saying that the teen “did not use a knife, but he had a knife.

The teen pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Leflar’s death last year.

The judge will decide whether the teen will be sentenced as an adult or a youth.

CTV Regina’s Dale Hunter was in court for the first day of the two-week sentencing hearing Monday: