With just over a minute to go until halftime, a storm rolled through Regina, causing a delay that lasted over two hours.

As the storm passed through, thousands of fans took cover in the concourse. Fans say it wasn’t bad, but it was close quarters.

“There was a lot of just chatting around, people making buddy-buddy,” Rider fan Chandler Solomon said. “People bumping shoulders, not a lot of space that's for certain."

Reaction to the crammed concourse on social media was mixed, with some fans saying more should've been done to help spread fans out. Others wondered why more fans didn't move onto the covered ramps to the top level.

It was a necessary inconvenience according to weather experts, who say the storm posed a risk to public safety.

"Anytime you're in a huge space like that with an intense storm, lots of people, you want to get everybody into a safe situation,” CTV Regina Weather Specialist Warren Dean said. “Those buildings will act as a conductor which most likely will take that charge safely down to the ground so that everybody is safe.”

Solomon admits that a tightly packed area was preferable to going toe-to-toe with a lightning storm.

Based on a report by Cole Davenport.