SGI’s traffic safety spotlight for October is distracted driving, and on Friday morning they demonstrated the dangers of driving through a distracted driving obstacle course.

“Police and SGI are focused on the issue of distracted driving, which as many of you know is the number one human factor when it comes to collisions and injuries on Saskatchewan roads,” said Tyler McMurchy from SGI.

With 26 fatalities, 953 injuries and 6400 collisions in 2017 SGI says that distracted driving is a significant concern, and the message from the RCMP is clear.

"When you’re driving just make sure you’re doing exactly that. You’re driving. Don’t have your cellphone in your hand, don’t be reading the newspaper trying to read something, putting makeup on, anything. Just focus on driving and that way you and everyone else on the road will be safe,” said Const. Jean-Luc Leblanc of the RCMP.