SGI held a demonstration on Thursday, reminding drivers of the dangers in construction zones.

Careless driving through construction zones can lead to road workers being injured and even killed. SGI says that in 2017 there were more than 1,200 convictions for speeding in work zones.

"Every day, there isn't a day that goes by where one of our workers hasn't encountered some sort of a hazard. Whether it's somebody driving too fast, passing when they're not supposed to be passing, some people will blow past a flagger when they're in a work zone,” said Chantel Lipp the President of the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association.

The Ministry of Highways says that even if it seems that no workers are present in a construction zone, there could be other hazards in the road.

“You could have sharp drop offs, you could have materials,” said Tom Lees from the Ministry of Highways. “Any obstacle that may impact the vehicle [that] they could hit.”

RCMP wants to remind drivers that fines triple in construction zones and that drivers could be found criminally responsible for jeopardizing worker’s safety.

"I've seen people on their cellphones, I’ve seen girls putting makeup on, I’ve seen semi's using their knees and eating food while they're driving through a construction zone,” said Constable J-L Leblanc.

The Saskatchewan Construction association is asking that drivers be mindful of workers on roadways.

"People that are working within the construction zone deserve your respect,” said Lipp.

Based on a report by Brittany Rosen