A new robot, meant to encourage passengers to wear a seat belt while on the road, has been introduced as an ambassador for SGI.

“Bucklebot is the newest member of the SGI safety squad, it’s our new robotic seatbelt ambassador really designed to teach children, and hopeful through them their parents, about the importance of always wearing a seatbelt,” said Tyler McMurchy, manager of media relations for SGI.

People wearing their seatbelts has been less of an issue over the years but still happens.

“Im noticing quite a bit of unsecure children driving on the roadway, I’ve written over 40 tickets this year for just unsecure kids alone,” said Constable Mike Seel.

These children were the first to meet bucklebot and learned a lot about what the bot had to say.

“I learned that it is very very important to buckle-up and make sure that you’re in your car seat because if you’re not you could be in very big danger,” said Mila McMurchy, a child that attended.

“If you don’t wear a seat belt then you might get into a car accident and you might die,” added Kayl Sellwood, another child in attendance.

Bucklebot plans to attend schools across Saskacthewan and teach people of all ages about the safety of seatbelts.