REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Health Authority is making changes to services offered at Regina’s Wascana Rehabilitation Centre.

After receiving funding from the Ministry of Health, Unit 3-3 will transition from long-term care to providing convalescent care services.

The transition was initially scheduled to happen last spring, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"As we looked through our system, we recognized that is one of the greatest challenges we have within our acute care system is the ability to provide timely convalescent services and move those people to the right place to get the right service at the right time," Debbie Sinnett, executive director of continuing care for Regina with the SHA, said.

The funding will allow for the creation of 12 new convalescent beds, while moving the 20 long-term care residents will allow for an additional 20 beds to be used for the short term rehabilitation.

A letter was sent to the affected residents and families this week, outlining the change.

"It’s a shame, a frustration and a worry," a family member for one resident said in a text message to CTV News. "This is the home that these residents have lived in for years."

Sinnett said this is only the beginning of the process and the SHA will be working with the affected families to relocate them to a facility that fits their care needs.

"We know that this creates a lot of anxiety and our goal is to address that and answer the questions as best as possible and really to support the residents through the transition as best we can," she said.

In addition to the letter being sent to residents and their families, the SHA said it has also reached out with phone calls to begin the transition work and find a suitable place to relocate the residents.

"We wanted to make sure that everybody had the information and that they understood there was a next step coming," Sinnett said.

The transition to convalescent beds is scheduled to begin at the end of June.