The Crown continues to roll out more forensic evidence at the murder trial of three Regina men accused in the 2014 death of 54-year-old Shawn Douglas.

On Wednesday, Mahmoud Abed of the Evidence Recovery Unit at the RCMP Lab in Ottawa took the stand.

Abed testified to conducting tests for blood on several items police seized the night the three accused were arrested.

Among the items that tested positive for blood were a crowbar, a hammer and a sledgehammer.

Abed also tested a pair of pants worn by one of the accused, 24-year-old year old Joshua Wilson, at the time of his arrest. The pants also tested positive for blood.

Another expert, Josee Gaudet, a search technologist with National Forensics in Ottawa, also took the stand on Wednesday.

Gaudet told the jury about tests she ran on a pair of shorts worn by 23-year-old Johnathon Peepeetch at the time of his arrest. The shorts tested positive for blood and Gaudet also collected four hairs from the shorts that she sent on for further DNA analysis.

Peepeetch, Wilson, and 32-year-old Dennis Thompson all face first-degree murder charges in connection with the death of Douglas.

Douglas’ body was found on a rural property northeast of Regina in August of 2014.