REGINA -- Thousands of Saskatchewan students have been learning about agriculture through various demonstrations at the Canadian Western Agribition.

Robert Crowe has been a part of cow milking demonstrations for over a decade, and said it’s a way for him to bridge a growing gap between the farm and the city.

"What we like to do is kind of bring the rural and the urban a little closer,” said Crowe. “Growing up on the farm, we just take it for granted, where most of these kids have never seen an animal period live, and or up this close.”

Dan Bowers visited the demonstrations with his grandson and some of his classmates.

“Kids are really loving it, the milking demonstration, we went and saw that, and now maybe they understand what goes on the cereal and where it comes from,” said Bowers.

Agribition also gives people an opportunity to see where their food comes from and how farms provide for everyone.

“Farmers care. Farmers feed the city, and if you want to know where your quality product comes from, it's a good opportunity to see and learn how everything is,” said Crowe.

But cows are not the only useful training happening at the show this week, with sheep shearing demonstrations also being held.

Lorrie Reed, who runs the demonstrations, said she hopes the show helps demonstrate to people how the process is typically harmless to the animal.

“It's just like getting a haircut -- do you cut the sheep? And I say I try not to but it does every once in a while, a little knick like cutting yourself shaving,” said Reed.

The Canadian Western Agribition continues at Evraz Place through Saturday.