People in Regina tried on a piece of Muslim culture on Sunday at the Southland Mall.

People experienced what it’s like to wear a hijab – a head covering that represents modesty, harmony and respect.

The event was in conjunction with World Hijab Day and was hosted by the Islamic Circle of North America Sisters Regina. Shoppers also had the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the culture.

“They really like it and honestly it makes me so happy to see people who don’t have an idea of it but they come and they learn so many new things, I think it’s been very positive,” said Minhal Mussawal, external communications, Muslim Youth Network Regina. “This is what it means to be a Muslim in Canada in the 21st century, I felt this was a really a good way to show that to other people.”

One of the participants, Darian Pelletier, is planning a trip to Morocco with her mother and came to the mall to look for a hijab. She says finding the booth felt like fate.

"I honestly really like it. It makes me feel comfortable and makes me feel pretty because every time I see women with hijabs, I want to stop them and say they're so beautiful like inside and out," Pelletier said. 

World Hijab Day was founded by Nazma Khan from New York in 2013. Khan, who emigrated from Bangladesh at 11-years-old, says she remembers facing hate and discrimination while growing up in the Bronx.

"I was called names such as Batman and ninja. At one point a student literally kicked me and spit at me, both inside and outside the school," Khan said in a YouTube video.

That strength, courage and perseverance is breaking stereotypes and educating others about the millions of Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab. It’s something the Ayesha Azam, president of the Muslim Youth Network Regina wants to carry that forward.

“We're just trying to show what hijab is about, not more oppression but more freedom and expression is what I think it is,” Azam said.

The Islamic Circle of North America Sisters Regina has plans to continue the event, while educating others about Islam.