Archdiocese of Regina Archbishop Donald Bolen has written an open letter saying the church is “sincerely and profoundly sorry” to the victims of sexual abuse at the hands of the clergy.

The letter was addressed to anyone wounded by abuse by parish priests, pastors, members of religious communities and those abused at residential schools.

Bolen wrote he has met with victims of abuse and has “learned of the tragic legacy of clergy sexual abuse in our Archdiocese.” He also acknowledged many have chosen not to come forward and have “buried their secret deep within them.”

“This letter is an invitation to a healing journey, a journey that needs to involve the entire church,” Bolen said.

“Your wounds so painful and so slow to heal, point to our wounds of contradiction and unfaithfulness. As a community of faith, we were called to bring you into a place of light, but instead you were brought into a place of darkness.”

Bolen also wrote about abuse at Catholic residential schools.

“The abuse you suffered was linked to racism and was also combined with a disrespect for your culture, language and spirituality,” he wrote.

Bolen said the letter was focused on sexual abuse by clergy at the schools, adding victims suffered because of a “distorted use of power.”

He finished the letter by expressing his gratitude for those who have come forward.

“Apologizing is not enough. It is only a starting point.”

Last month, Pope Francis summoned 190 Catholic bishops and religious superiors to Rome for a summit on clergy sexual abuse.

The Vatican announced it would soon issue a new law creating a child protection policy for Vatican City State.

Francis also vowed he would confront abusers, end coverups by superiors and prioritize victims of abuse.

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