A sinkhole is to blame for damage following sewer back up in South Regina.

Some residents of the Albert Park neighbourhood reported two feet of sewage in their basements, and cleanup efforts were ongoing through the long weekend.

The City of Regina discovered an issue with the sewer line along Pasqua Street. Thursday, and the city thought the problem was fixed. It became blocked again that night, and a sinkhole developed.

The city said the repair is very complex because a number of neighborhoods' sewers flowing into the line, and there are other utilities in the area of the sinkhole.

"As we've seen these extremely dry conditions over the last few years, the soil has dried out far deeper than is typical, so that creates voids in the soil and as well, we're not seeing the flushing of our lines and delusion of sewage, so we're seeing more corrosive sewers," Pat Wilson, Director of Water, Waste and Environmental Services for the City of Regina, said.

The city isn't ruling out the possibility of more sinkholes developing this summer.