REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Health Authority says it has identified and removed a "small number of bed bugs" after they were discovered in the Regina General Hospital's Hemodialysis Unit last week.

On Oct. 22, the SHA says there were five bed bugs removed from the unit. Patients in the unit were notified about the bugs on Tuesday.

According to the health authority, there haven’t been any diseases transmitted by the bugs.

The Environmental Services and Infection Control Departments are working to make sure the bugs haven’t spread to any other hospital units. Five monitoring stations hadn’t caught any bedbugs between Oct. 24 and 29, the SHA said.

Patients were told not to bring any personal items, like blankets, to their treatments. The health authority says it has increased its linen supply to make sure everyone has enough blankets.

There are also plastic bags for patients to store any outdoor clothing.

The SHA says isolation precautions have been put into place for anyone who identified as having bed bugs.