The Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Association is calling on Premier Brad Wall to replace Culture Minister Bill Hutchinson after the group gave a thumbs down to a new film tax credit.

"The actions of this minister have brought a $50 million annual industry to the brink of disaster," association president Ron Goetz said in a news release Thursday.

"He has consistently ignored our concerns and brought forward a program that will not work. We respectfully ask the premier of Saskatchewan to remove this minister and replace him with an individual that understands the issues and will help us develop a program that will work for the industry."

Last week, the province announced a new non-refundable film tax credit to replace the one that was cut in the provincial budget.

But the new incentive got a bad review from film representatives, who say a refundable credit is needed for the industry to remain competitive.

"This program will simply not work and the manner in which it was released makes it very difficult for our industry to work with the current minister," Goetz said.

"It would best serve the people of Saskatchewan if a new minister with a better understanding of our industry were named to help us create a program that will keep our industry in Saskatchewan."

The premier refused to replace Hutchinson, saying the culture minister is carrying out the expectations of the provincial budget.