A boa constrictor is on the loose in a Weyburn mall and merchants say it's scaring away business.

Conservation officers seized the snake from a local resident back in February. They brought the red-tailed boa constrictor back to their office in the downtown building. The next day, the snake was gone.

The hunt for the snake has been ongoing for several weeks. Conservation officers have set up an array of traps, bait, heat lamps and even a "snake camera" that can see inside the walls of the building.

Many merchants at the mall say the escaped boa constrictor is costing them business. Rosella Henrion, a retailer at the mall, says some shoppers are avoiding the building over fear of the snake.

Officers say the snake that slithered away is just a baby and isn't big enough to harm anyone.

Based on a report by Dale Hunter, CTV Regina