BALCARRES -- Suzie Lang said the last six months without her husband, Trent, have been hard on her and their children.

“Just to wrap your head around it. All of sudden, he’s gone. It’s so life changing," Suzie said.

On March 24, Trent died in a workplace incident that occurred off his farm.

"The day the RCMP officer came to my door, I could not believe what he was saying to me," Suzie said. "He (Trent) had dropped me off on his way to work to babysit my grandchildren and that was the last time I saw him."

Trent was a farmer. He had already purchased the seed and fertilizer to plant 900 acres of crop for the year.

Suzie and her two children, Chris and Ashley, decided they would seed and harvest the crop together.

“It was very hard on us," Suzie said. "We were grieving. We were looking for things in the shop that we didn't quite know where it was, it was a very big process for us.”

Friends and family helped them with seeding and harvest.

On Monday, all the crop was in the bin except for a section that's in the shape of a heart.

Chris cut the heart-shaped crop for his father.

Chris said he felt close to him while working in the field, even though he wasn't physically there.

“Doing what he loved to do," Chris said. "Get the crop in and watching it grow.”

The family has yet to have a proper funeral for Trent because of the pandemic.

"With COVID-19 of course, you're dropping off food outside, not able to have that hug, the whole COVID-19 has been so hard for us," Suzie said.

"With people not being able to come in, sit down and have a chat and visit, it's been difficult. We know that Trent would love to have something at the farm, this farm he built up.

“We were just a young couple, 30 years we farmed here. And he worked day and night to have this farm so we really want to have that closure here."

In April, the community came together and held a parade of support for the family. Around 100 vehicles were a part of the parade for the grieving family.

The Lang family said all the support has been amazing.

“Please don’t take life for granted,” Suzie said.