The City of Regina is looking to get some city facilities off the grid. Council unanimously approved a motion to investigate the potential of solar panels on city facilities at Monday night’s council meeting.

The city manager says they will be looking at installing solar panels for street lighting with SaskPower, along with analyzing the potential for some buildings.

Councilor Mike O'Donnell says Regina is the third sunniest city in Canada, making it the perfect a spot for solar panels.

The biggest challenge for moving forward with the project could be SaskPower. The city is not allowed to generate revenue from solar panels.

But Mayor Michael Fougere says the city isn’t looking at the panels as a way of generating income.

“It would simply be a savings of not buying as much electricity, because we have our own source.”

Fougere believes energy savings will outweigh the cost of the panels in within a decade.

Based on a report by CTV's Colton Wiens.