REGINA -- Saskatchewan MLAs are set to receive a raise of 0.6 per cent. This year’s raise will put roughly $600 more into their pockets.

Minister Don Morgan said he will donate the equivalent of the raise to a charity.

“They come as an automatic thing by statute. Most of us, myself included usually make a donation of that amount to a charity. In my case, it’s STARS,” Don Morgan, Minister of Labour Relations.

Saskatchewan MLAs were the fourth highest paid in Canada according to 2020 figures.

Alberta MLAs were paid the most at $120,000 annually followed by those in Ontario at $116,000 and B.C. at $111,000. This year, the base pay for a Saskatchewan MLA will increase to $100,668. The national average is $98,000. The majority of Saskatchewan MLAs earn more, as a result of holding positions in cabinet or the house.

The premier makes about $174,000 per year, ministers and the opposition leader are in the $152,000 range.

“And I am going to most assuredly ensure that the donations that we make will be far and in excess of any raise that we receive,” Premier Scott Moe said.

Last week, bonuses were taken away from 54 crown executives, slashing remuneration by up to $100,000 for those in key positions.

“And we felt it was the right thing to do to send a message to people that we’re supporting all of the workers in the province,” Morgan said.

The government says pay cuts at the top are not a sign of things to come for other public sector workers, most of whom have union contracts in place.