Many families will gather this weekend to share a meal. It's an important tradition for many, including Souls Harbour Rescue Mission, who served up all the Easter fixings for Regina's needy on Friday.

“It takes 75 volunteers to pull this all off, and a full week of prepping,” said Katrina Robinson, director of development for Soul’s Harbour Rescue Mission. “People are just so grateful to have the opportunity to share in community, and to have a warm traditional and nutritional holiday meal.”

The goal of the event is to give back to as many as possible, which organizers say wouldn't be possible without the help of the public.

“We had to buy very minimal stuff, just little odds and ends items. So, we're super thankful for everyone in the community who stepped up to get all of those donations in and to make this all happen,” said Robinson.

About 400 people attended last year's dinner. This year, given the current economic climate, Soul's Harbour planned for more than 600 people.

“It means giving them a chance to have a holiday, because part of a holiday is to have a really great meal with family, with community,” said volunteer Katie Johnson. “The fact that we get to do this and create that for them, even though they may not be able to do that for themselves, is a real blessing.”

For the people sharing the meal, it's a generous gift that doesn't go unnoticed.

“A lot of the times, it's, ‘Thank you,’ it's, ‘We appreciate what you do," "I appreciate everything you've given to me," said Johnson.

Any leftover food will go to the soup kitchen.