The month of June saw the highest number of speeding violations on Regina’s Ring Road in 2019, with 2,471 violators and 1,305 of those ticketed.

In May, there were 742 violations and 416 tickets issued on Ring Road. In April, there were 332 violations and 200 tickets issued. In March, there were 727 violations and 360 tickets.

Tyler McMurchy, the manager of media relations for SGI, said it’s common to see spikes and dips in speeding.

“To put it into perspective, we’re still talking about a very small number of people that are driving past that camera,” McMurchy said. He added that hundreds of thousands of drivers drive on Ring Road each month.

The Regina Police Service said there are a number of reasons why some months see a higher number of violators than others.

“The environments change, whether there’s construction, whether those photo radar cameras have been rotated in or out of a school zone, or it could be the volume of traffic,” Sgt. Rob Collins with the RPS traffic unit said.

McMurchy said although it might appear on paper that motorists are still not slowing down for photo radar cameras, but SGI is confident that the cameras are causing more drivers to slow down over all.

“The goal during the pilot project was to see a violation rate under one per cent, and when you’re looking at the Ring Road, we’re well below that, even at its highest level,” McMurchy said.