A union representing hundreds of Saskatchewan Transportation Company workers has filed an injunction to stop the bus service’s shutdown.

The Amalgamated Transit Local 1374, which represents more than 200 STC employees, is taking court action to challenge the provincial government’s authority to close down the transportation company.

Saskatchewan’s government put the brakes on STC in its most recent budget, with plans to cease passenger services by May 31 and to shut down freight services by May 19.

The budget was presented in March, and one month later, the province passed Bill 40, which allows the government to sell up to 49 per cent of Crown corporations without discussing it in the house.

The union alleges that since the government announced the closure of STC in the budget in March, prior to the passage of Bill 40, it did not follow the law because no consultation occurred in the house.

“We feel that if Mr. Wall and the Sask. Party want to get rid of Crown corporations including STC, they should go to the people in two, two and a half years and make that their platform,” Eric Carr, president of ATU Local 1374, told CTV News.

The government believes it had the authority to close STC.

“The Government of Saskatchewan has the authority to wind up the affairs of STC and will be advancing that position before the court in response to the ATU’s injunction,” a statement from the province sent Tuesday reads.

More than 220 people will lose their jobs with the closure.

Carr said he expects the court proceedings, which are set for Thursday at Court of Queen’s Bench in Regina, to last a day.

One judge will be overseeing the proceeding.

STC routes service 253 communities across the province.

CTV's Christeen Jesse is in court for the proceedings.