Regina now has a second cannabis dispensary open in the city.

Wiid Boutique Inc., pronounced “weed,” opened its doors to customers on Thursday selling products to almost 200 people on opening day.

“Yesterday we had to turn about 20 people away just we weren’t quite open yet, so yesterday was a really good day. Probably close to 200 customers rolled through here,” Owner and manager of Wiid Danny Uhersky said.

Right now stock is not an issue, and customers can check an updated website to see what's currently available in store. But nothing was sold out after the opening.

However, owners expect stock could be an issue in the future.

"We anticipate probably at least the next six months it will be a bit of a struggle until some more facilities come online. We’re really hoping that some Saskatchewan facilities will get online so we can get some Saskatchewan product in here,” Uhersky said.

Owners say it took so long to open up because the city had many demands before granting Wiid a permit.

They also wanted to make sure there was enough stock for people to buy.

The only other store with a permit in Regina is known as the Cannabis Co. YQR. The store owner has declined CTV’s requests for comment. Cannabis Co. YQR opened its doors earlier, but had to close for at least a day last week due to stock issues.

Currently Wiid is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. It offers hybrid, sativa and indica strains, as well as oils and smoking paraphernalia.

While stock is more of a day to day approach for Wiid, customers can check the company website for up to date information on what's available in the store.