REGINA -- The Street Culture Project has hired an independent investigator to manage allegations recently levied against its members.

The co-chair of the Street Culture Project’s board said a senior executives within the organization had been placed on leave, and another two employees placed on administrative duties. He did not speak on the resignation of the agency's executive director, Dustin Browne, during a press conference on Wednesday morning.

The CEO and founder of the organization, Kim Sutherland, is the member who has been placed on leave.

“[They] are not physically involved with the day-to-day operations of the organization and are not in contact with youth or staff,” Joey Tremblay, board co-chair said.

Tremblay said he welcomes more allegations be shared through the private investigator, Donna Sigmeth Q.C., via the online complaint form.

Allegations arose on July 29, in an Instagram post which accused members of the non-profit of several instances of sexual harassment.

In a Facebook post on Thursday evening, Street Culture Project said it was made aware of “serious allegations” against one of its team members. It said the person was suspended immediately and a third-party investigation is underway.

Browne announced his resignation from his position in a comment on the post.

“I have become aware that my actions have caused a negative impact with some staff, colleagues and friends,” he said.

He said his resignation is effective immediately. The comment has since been deleted.


CTV News Regina incorrectly identified the CEO and founder of Street Culture Project in it's original report. The correct individual is now listed.