Students from a ten person construction course at the Regina Trades and Skills Centre are getting practical experiencing, while helping the Carmichael Outreach Centre with concrete work. Students are using jackhammers and pouring concrete as they're helping replace the entrance to Carmichael Outreach.

"They're going to demo the concrete pad behind us, and then they're going to do the forms for it and some stairs at the back as well. And then Friday we'll pour the concrete,” Regina Trades and Skills Centre Executive Director Brian Shankowsky said. "It’s a project that gets to stay and not go to the landfill. And we get to do some good for the community.”

"They are labourers; they're not going to be the guys that are the foreman’s, they may work up to that, but right now they're guys that are, as you can see they're doing jackhammering and things of that nature,” instructor Paul Weichel said.

Earlier this summer the students helped tear down cabins at Camp Monahan. A different course will return to build more cabins in the spring.

Next week the course will do laminate flooring for Habitat for Humanity

The course has been doing work for non for profits for about three years thanks to a grant from the Royal Bank of Canada.

Following the course, each student will do a two week placement at a business, and hopefully get a full time job in the industry.