The RCMP’s Roving Traffic Unit seized 1,004 grams of methamphetamine — around 10,000 doses — in a traffic stop on Highway 7 last week.

Officers originally tried to stop the vehicle because of improper seatbelt use. Police say the driver tried to turn off onto a gravel road but was stopped.

The RCMP found four 29 gram packages — two holding cocaine and two with what is believed to be Phenacetin.

Police also found two bags of meth, weighing a total of 1,004 grams.

“It is just such a dangerous drug, it's one of the most dangerous drugs we've seen come into the province in the last few years,” Cpl. Rob King said in Regina on Wednesday. “It's going to be a problem, still is a problem, and I think with significant seizures like this, we're making it less attractive for the person that's dealing it, and for the person who's capitalizing on someone else's addiction.”

The 25-year-old man driving the vehicle and the 23-year-old passenger, both from Calgary, have been charged with possession of a controlled substance. They will appear in Kindersley Provincial Court on July 16.