A program at Sask. Polytechnic aims to introduce young girls into the trades and skills so they can build independence and hopefully pursue a career.

Around 10 girls take part in the program each year, and some of the participants say it helps with their independence.

“It’s not like you are always going to have men around to help you, but girls can do it to and it’s not that different,” said Ca’Sandra, a grade 8 student who attended the week long program.

Ca’Sandra’s grandmother started the program 28 years ago and hopes she can follow in her footsteps.

“I want to be a carpenter or a veterinarian but I’ve also thought of being a vet tech which means I can do carpentry and help animals,” said Ca’Sandra.

Since the program first started there have been over 300 girls that have attended, and instructors always ask how many think they will follow this career path.

“We always ask at the end, ‘so who likes this, who might go into this?’ and there is always one or two who say ‘I think I might,’” said Sherry Froess, an instructor’s assistant at the camp.

Organizers say they hope the camp encourages the girls to embrace their independence, and gives them another career option.