Thursday marks the first full day of operation for Uber in Regina, and CTV News wanted to compare the price and timing of the new service, versus a traditional taxi.

The first taxi pulled up two and a half minutes after being called, to a location downtown. Digital Content Producer Brendan Ellis was picked up by the taxi and taken to Mosaic Stadium.

Reporter Stefanie Davis was picked up from the same location by an Uber, which took seven minutes to arrive. She was also transported to Mosaic Stadium.

The cost of the taxi was $11.75 without a tip.

The cost of the Uber was $7.63, charged directly to the credit card linked to the Uber app. The option to tip for an Uber ride pops up on the user's phone when the ride is complete.

The participants wanted to try a longer ride, so they called another taxi, and another Uber, to take them to the Regina International Airport.

This time, the taxi took over 15 minutes to arrive and cost $12 before the tip. The Uber took four minutes to arrive, and cost $10.02.

Between the two taxi rides, and the two Uber rides, there was a total cost difference of $6.10.

Comparing overall wait times, CTV News waited six minutes longer for taxi’s, than for Uber.

With files from CTV Regina's Stefanie Davis and Brendan Ellis.