REGINA -- Team Dunstone is hoping they can end a 41-year losing streak for Saskatchewan at the Tim Hortons Brier, as they prepare for the 2021 tournament.

The foursome, made up by skip Matt Dunstone, third Braeden Moskowy, second Kirk Muyres and lead Dustin Kidby, face Nunavut in draw one Friday evening.

“The first night, we all had a little trouble sleeping, it feels like Christmas Eve,” Moskowy said.

“It began to feel real today when we stepped out there. You see the blue carpet, all the logos, everything that comes with the territory of a Brier,” Dunstone added.

Team Dunstone is in Pool B. Their top opponents include four-time men’s national curling champion Kevin Koe, representing wild card two; Ontario’s John Epping, who is ranked second in Canada; and Team Canada’s Brad Gushue. Gushue ended Saskatchewan’s national championship run in 2020, forcing Dunstone to settle for third place.

“What it proved is that we do belong and that we can compete. Having that belief is as important as anything,” Moskowy said, who is making his fifth Brier appearance.

Skip Matt Dunstone agreed.

“There’s not a moment too big on this planet for this year. We’re ready, we’ve taken that step forward, we compete with the best in the game,” Dunstone said.

The team is returning three of their four players from the 2020 squad. They added second Kirk Muyres, who is making his sixth Brier appearance.

“Throughout my career, I’ve experienced some big moments but I think if we get into those situations again I’m just going to lean on the team to help me through that,” Muyres said.

Muyres also won a bronze medal at the Brier with Team Steve Laycock in 2015. Dunstone said they are constantly reminded the last team from the province to win the Brier was Rick Folk in 1980, but they don’t mind.

“We don’t hold that as a burden at all, we use that to motivate us every single day,” Dunstone said.

“It’s an unbelievable opportunity,” Moskowy added. “Can you imagine being the team that gets to bring the Brier Tankard back to Regina back, to Saskatchewan and throw that party?”

Team Saskatchewan faces Team Nunavut’s Peter Mackey on Friday at 7:30 pm at the WinSport Arena in Calgary.