Regina police say a 15-year-old male is facing charges of carrying a concealed weapon and breach of a conditional discharge after a high school was locked down because of a report of a male with a weapon believed to be a firearm.

The call came in Friday afternoon as the school day was ending at Balfour Collegiate, and there were few people left inside.

Terry Lazarou with Regina Public Schools said about 20 police, including tactical officers, went into the school.

He said he was told two students and a handful of staff were in the building.

Lazarou spoke with some staff by phone, who were locked in an office, but they told him they weren't in any danger.

Police spokesman Les Parker said nine people were safely escorted from inside the school a few hours later and the male alleged to have a firearm was located at a separate location.

Parker says there was no indication that the weapon -- which was later found to be an air pistol that was not loaded -- was used or was threatened to be used.

--- with files from CTV Regina