The Texas Longhorn is returning to Canadian Western Agribition bigger than ever – with one Longhorn weighing in around 1,900 pounds – after more than two decades away.

“His name is BN Jim Reeves, like the country western singer,” said Kristopher Johnson, the bull’s owner.

“He’s way more than we could have ever expected and we’re just super pleased with him.”

Despite its hefty weight and its impressive 110 inch horns from tip to tip, Johnson wants people to know that Longhorns aren’t as mean as they look.

“Longhorns aren’t big, mean animals. I mean, their horns are definitely intimidating and they’re big animals, but they’re just as docile as any breed out there, if not more so,” he said.

Seventy-nine bison are also making a showing at this year’s Agribition, giving people a chance to learn about a lesser known side of agriculture.

“Bison is a unique animal at Agribition. It’s the only animal that is indigenous to North America,” said Les Kroeger with the National Bison Show.

“It’s an opportunity for us to gain exposure for the industry, show the rest of the country what high quality animals we do have.”

Agribition takes place at Evraz Place in Regina from Nov. 19 to 24.