The City of Regina is looking at a new strategy to extend the life of the landfill.

Under the new strategy, residents would be offered a variety of different sized garbage carts, and would be billed monthly on their utility bill based on the size of their cart. There would also be an option to add a second garbage cart for an additional fee.

The city says this money would be used to fund a curbside recycling program, and as such, recycling fees would be removed from monthly utility bills.

The city believes these changes would encourage residents to put less waste into garbage bins.

City administration is also recommending that the city permanently move to biweekly garbage collection between November and March.

The city tested biweekly garbage collection last winter, and say the majority of residents who filled out an online survey in response to the program were in favour of making the change permanent.

The strategy will be discussed at the June 7 meeting of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee.