WEYBURN -- At first glance, it looks like your typical consignment store, but there’s something truly unique about Vintage Finds and Fabric in Weyburn.

From the meters of fabric to the yards of yarn and everything in between is all from one household.

“I got choked up thinking it’s too bad these things couldn’t have been used and I think that’s sort of how the store came to be,” said Tara Keating, owner of Vintage Finds and Fabric.

Keating and her husband first discovered the treasure trove of items from decades past last autumn when they were helping a family member in Regina move.

Vintage finds

Much of what was discovered has already been donated to numerous shelters and non-profit organizations in Regina and Weyburn, but Keating discovered so many items that had hardly or never been used, she decided to open a pop-up vintage store.

The store has been operating for the last three Saturdays in Weyburn’s City Centre Mall in partnership with Open Air Market and Keating says the response from the community has been great.

Vintage shop

“People are just astonished at the amazing shape these items are in,” Keating said.

While Keating has enjoyed the process, she doesn’t have any plans to run the store as a lifelong career.

“I don’t think I want to do it again for anyone else, let’s put it that way. I definitely want my parents to get rid of a lot of stuff before they have to move!”