Bob Pearce loves to dance and one of his favourite bands is Def Leppard.

"When I first heard Def Leppard back in 83', the song ‘Fooling’, is anybody out there, anybody care. It's just so moving. Their music moves my soul," said Pearce.

About two months ago Pearce met Angela Munroe in Regina and the pair felt a connection. Pearce asked Munroe to come with him across Canada to see every Def Leppard concert and she agreed. They flew to Halifax for the band’s first show on July 12th.

“In order to go I have to have a dancing partner, it's like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, unless you got a partner you look awfully funny,” said Pearce. “If I’m dancing by myself everywhere, it just doesn’t go over as good unless you have a partner to dance with."

In Halifax, the pair met Anant Tomai and quickly the group became three. Together they have been driving across Canada catching every Def Leppard show along the way. Except for Tomai, he doesn’t attend the concerts. He moved to Canada from India three years ago and tagged along to explore the cities.

"I walk around downtown just seeing places,” said Tomai. “It has been fun so far and while along the way we have been to a lot of trails and hikes and what not."


The “three amigos” as they like to call themselves have three more shows in Saskatoon, Edmonton and Calgary. For them it's been an adventure of a life time, exploring Canada and singing and dancing along to their favorite tunes along the way.

“The only way you can overcome a negative is with extreme positivity so with Angela and myself and the dancing you're just trying to convey as much positive energy."