REGINA -- Fifteen candidates are running to be elected to moose Jaw’s city council. There are six council seats that will be filled in the Nov. 9 civic vote.

The 15 candidates are Jody Chell, Doug Blanc, Heather Eby, Earl Swalm, Dawn Luhning, Crystal Froese, Dwayne St. Dennis, Joni Brisbin, Doug Schick, Nicholas Styck, Steven J. White, Jamey Logan, Jamaal James, Trevor McPherson and Kim R. Robinson.


As a resident of Moose Jaw for 36 years, Chell is running to a councillor in the Notorious City.

Chell's currently employed as an Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner and runs a consulting firm. The profile outlined that Chell is currently a student studying for her Human Justice Degree. After her degree, Chell is hoping to go to Law School where she will focus on Indigenous Studies.

"Her passion for the community is her motivation for seeking a seat on council," The City of Moose Jaw websiter says about the candidate. "She would like the opportunity to be the voice of the people that often feel unheard. Jody believes transparency is what we are missing. She would like to see honest and transparent communication between residents and administration. If elected, she will maintain an open-door policy to allow Moose Javians to speak."


Doug Blanc is a long time resident of Moose Jaw and is hoping to get elected to Moose Jaw City Council.

According to Blanc's profile, he worked for the province for 28 years and was also an elected SGEU official.

Since retiring, Blanc has provided private consulting for different organizations.

"Council needs to treat the citizens of Moose Jaw as their clients," Blanc said in his City of Moose Jaw profile. "There needs to be better communication and planning of projects to allow easier access throughout the city. The issues and struggles of today need to be addressed effectively while looking at future needs of the city. I am committed to working hard as your new city council member."


Eby is an incumbent candidate for Moose Jaw City Council. She was first elected to council in 2009 and has served two terms.

She has been apart of the Board of Police Commissioners, the Moose Jaw Public Library Board, the Murals Board, Parks and Rec Advisory Committee, Economic Development Commission and the Wakamow Valley Board.

"Heather is community-minded and brings experience, knowledge and understanding of council processes, procedures and policies to the table," the profile said. "She looks forward to playing a part in shaping Moose Jaw's future!"


Swalm has lived in Moose Jaw for many decades and is the former owner of Moose Jaw Carpet One Floor & Home.

He has been on the Board of Directors for the Saskatchewan Construction Association, the Board of the Hillcrest Golf Club and the Moose Jaw Shrine Club.

"Infrastructure is the “backbone” and long term economic growth will make our community thrive," Swalm said. "City services and information should be easy to navigate for our citizens and communication between departments should be seamless. Moose Jaw is a great place to live. Let’s grow together!"


Luhning is an incumbent candidate in this election and is a business owner and financial advisor who lives in Moose Jaw.

In 2012, Luhning received a Women of Distinction Award in the category of Community Leadership and Enhancement from Regina's YWCA.

"Dawn’s experience on City Council and common sense approach to decisions sets her apart from other candidates," The City of moose Jaw website said. "Her respect for the office never waivers and she understands that being elected to represent the citizens, is a privilege."


Froese has been a councillor in Moose Jaw since 2016.

She has held various positions among many boards, organizations and committees. She has been on the Board of Police Commission, Moose Jaw Exhibition Co., Tourism, Wakamow Valley, Cultural Diversity, Heritage Committee, Moose Jaw Museum Art Gallery, South-Central Transportation Planning Committee, Business Women in Moose Jaw and South Hill Community Association.

"As your City Councillor, Crystal will bring her diverse experience and continue to work hard for you to build a strong, fiscally responsible future for Moose Jaw," she said.


The City of Moose Jaw website did not have information listed about this canadiate who is seeking election


Brisbin is a Professional Engineering Technologist who is running to be a councillor in the Moose Jaw election.

On her campaign profile on the City of Moose Jaw's website, it said Brisbin is a board member, community volunteer and business owner.

"At this time I can not really make any promises on what I would like to see change or be able to change within the City, but know that I will always be responsive, responsible and make financially sound and environmentally sustainable decisions based on the facts in adherence with the bylaws, regulations and policies," Brisbin said.


Schick has been a Moose Jaw resident for more than 50 years and has spent his career working in construction.

He believes having a diverse and expanding population is a way to enhance and grow the Notorious City.

"One way to increase the population is to encourage retention of our youth by recruiting new industries to take a chance on our city," Schick said in his campaign profile. "Industries could help cover the cost of taxes as well as strengthen our economy."


Styck has lived in Moose Jaw for three years with his family and is a manager at Booster Juice.

Styck said he has always been interested in business and has a good understanding of budgeting and planning.

"He aims to create economic growth by improving the cities planning and fine tuning the cities budget concerns," Styck said in his campaign profile. "He believes in working with the people for the people."


Having lived in Moose Jaw for 11 years, White has worked in finance for his career as a head trader, financial planner and in sales.

White said he is an active member of the community who feels his career experience will make him a good city councillor.

"I have experience studying budgets of cities larger than ours," White sain in his campaign profile. "As a counsellor, I’ll be honest and will listen to your concerns, and will work harder to make a Moose Jaw you can be proud of."


Born and raised in Moose Jaw, Logan is proud to be raising his family in the community.

Logan is self-employed and gives a lot of his time to the community by sitting on boards and coaching sports teams.

"Admittedly, I have no background in politics," Logan said in his campaign profile. "However, I am honest, hard-working, relatable and willing to learn. I am community-minded and passionate about this city and the well-being of its citizens."


James is lifetime Moose Jaw resident and said it's a city with potential and great people.

James said he is running for council because he wants to focus on improving infrastructure and helping local businesses.

"I'm running for council because I want to effect positive change for our people, set us up for future success, and realize that potential," James said in his campaign profile. "Our world keeps changing, and I want to help Moose Jaw adapt and thrive."


McPherson moved to Moose Jaw in 2009 to take over as manager of the Hillcrest Golf Club.

McPherson has a background in Real-Estate and said if he is elected as councillor, he will focus on improving economic growth, infrastructure and transparency in Moose Jaw.

"Economic growth makes a community vibrant; quality infrastructure and transparency create faith and trust in the system," McPherson said in his campaign profile. " This city has unbelievable potential with great people, it's time for Moose Jaw to grow and prosper."


Born in Moose Jaw, Robinson moved back to the community in 2011 to raise his family with his wife.

Robinson said he has an entrepreneurial mindset with experience in construction, property development and finances.

"I would be a proponent of economic growth in our community through business attraction along with improved facilities and infrastructure," Robinson said in his campaign profile. "I believe in honest government through transparency and open two-way communication.



Candidate John Kot said if he is elected as mayor of Moose Jaw he will fix crumbling infrastructure in the community.

He said he will also improve communication between City Council and Moose Jaw residents.

“I will definitely listen to the citizens of Moose Jaw because I'm just a paid employee, and they are my boss," Kot said. "It seems like council and the city administration have hidden agendas. And there's no communication between council administration and the citizens of Moose Jaw.”


Fraser Tolmie was elected as mayor of Moose Jaw in 2016 and hopes residents will take his experience into account when they vote on Nov. 9.

Tolmie said if residents give him another term, he’ll focus on improving infrastructure, communication and building the business community.

“We've been able to bring the community together with a strategic plan, and we've been collaborative," Tolmie said. "We've been able to face the challenges, such as infrastructure renewal and investment attraction. And I believe that the strong foundation needs to be further developed and I'd like to see more coming our way. But that's going to take effort and it's going take experience."


Nancy Nash is a local musical artist who is running for mayor to stop development in Wakamow Valley.

Nash said if she’s elected, she’ll ensure the valley is protected for years to come.

"If I'm elected as the mayor, I will fight the good fight and I want to see this valley retained for all time for all the children, grandchildren," Nash said. "I'd like to see it as a park protected zone.”