REGINA -- A Regina man is working on a garden that is providing produce for the community.

“It's anyone who wants to get some vegetables, they can ask me and then I’ll give it to them,” Tayef Ahmed, the garden coordinator at the Regina Public Interest Research Group’s community garden, said.

The garden was established in 2012. Anyone can enjoy the produce but Ahmed said most of the harvest goes to charities like Carmichael Outreach and Soul’s Harbour, as well as students.

“Food insecurity among post-secondary student is so high,” Ahmed said. “There are a lot of students in poverty and are not getting enough food to eat.”

Ahmed works in the garden with Annie Pham who is in charge of the university’s orchard, which has fruit trees, strawberries and raspberries.

Pham said she has enjoyed gardening at home and said it's very therapeutic for her.

“My hope is that once COVID ends, and classes start opening up, people can be out here and see the bushes, the plants we have and enjoy the fruits that they offer,” Pham said.

Ahmed said the garden has sparked many conversations about food insecurity, and he hopes this garden inspires others to grow one too.

“Another thing we do in the garden, is telling people how it is important to have a small scale garden in an urban setting,” Ahmed said. “It’s not only good for vegetables, it’s good for learning and for mental health.”