HALBRITE, SASK. -- Access to a Saskatchewan woman’s farm is blocked after a train derailed in front of her property Tuesday evening.

Joy Guilder, who lives near Halbrite, Sask., said the railway runs directly in front of her home.

“The wind got up really bad here, and of course we had rain and everything but the wind got really bad and the trees were bent right down,” Guilder told CTV News Regina. “And then I heard a noise, and thought maybe were getting a tornado.”

Guilder said she did not give too much thought to the sounds she heard, and went to bed.

“About 4 o’clock this morning I got up and could see [the train] was derailed,” she said. “It probably went off the rails I’m thinking around nine last night.

“I can’t get out of my farm and nobody can get in.”

Joy Guider derailment

Joy Guider was unable to leave her property after a train derailed near Halbrite, Sask. (Courtesy: Corey Guider)

CP Rail told CTV News Regina that the incident occured around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday.

"A CP freight train derailed empty intermodal containers southeast of Weyburn," a representative from CP said. "There were no injuries to the crew, and there are no public safety concerns."

The railway reopened Wednesday morning.

According to the Highway Hotline, traffic is restricted to one lane along Highway 39 due to the derailment.

Guilder said she’s relieved that derailment wasn’t worse, as the train was carrying C-Cans, and that she found a way to leave her property through the back if necessary.