According to Environment Canada, there were at least 4 tornadoes that touched down in Saskatchewan on Tuesday.

Damage reports are coming in from Davidson all the way to Watrous, hitting farmers especially hard.

Lawrence Beckie and his wife own a farm near Davidson where a tornado ripped through their yard. Trees were snapped, fences blown over, crops damaged by hail, and his barn was even pushed off its foundation. Beckie says, “that was the nail in the coffin. It’s a major job to fix that.”

The wind was so strong that a grain bin was tossed about 200 meters from where it sat, and barn doors were ripped off of their hinges. Beckie says that the storm was so severe that, “It was a whiteout. I couldn’t see if the barn was here, I couldn’t see down to the trees.”

Hopefully this is the last tornado Becky and his family see, but luckily they bought hail insurance only 4 days before the storm.

Environment Canada says the province may be experiencing more tornados than usual this year. On average Saskatchewan gets 12 Tornadoes annually, so far this year they are investigating potentially 19 twisters. Although the short term outlook is clear for now, there could be more dangerous weather to come.

Tuesday’s storms can be blamed on a clash between two weather systems. John Paul Cragg, Severe Weather Specialist at Environment Canada explains, “we had southeast flows, moisture, heat coming from the Gulf of Mexico coming into Saskatchewan and then we have the trigger, the low pressure system coming in and it just sparked these things off.”

Cragg warns that “throughout the summer we could see these events, so people should stay on top of the weather, look at the watches and warnings, and try to know what’s coming up.”