Tia Pinacie-Littlechief took the stand in her own trial on Monday.

Pinacie-Littlechief is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Justin Crowe. Crowe was found dead in a home on the Piapot First Nation in October 2015.

Pinacie-Littlechief testified that a fight broke out between Crowe and another woman at a small party happening in Crowe’s family’s home. She told court that her teenage cousin Raina Joyea got involved and was violently assaulted by Crowe.

Pinacie-Littlechief said Joyea was lying on the ground and she was worried her cousin may have gotten a potentially fatal concussion. She told court she tried to get her phone from the house to call for help. But, she said Crowe began to strangle. She was able to grab a knife and fatally stabbed him.

Pinacie-Littlechief and Joyea fled the property, but Pinacie-Littlechief told court she had to leave her cousin in the woods because she was too weak to make it to Pinacie-Littlechief’s grandmother’s house. She testified it took her several hours to get there.

Under cross-examination, the Crown pointed out inconsistencies between Pinacie-Littlechief’s testimony in court and what she told police after Crowe was killed. The prosecutor highlighted the differences in description of Joyea’s physical condition in the statement and Pinacie-Littlechief’s testimony.

Joyea’s statement to police was played by the defence in court. The jury was told that Joyea had died in the two years since Crowe's death.

The trial is scheduled to continue on Tuesday.

With files from CTV Regina's Gina Martin