Snow on the ground in the first week of October has led to slippery roads around southern Saskatchewan.

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure is reminding drivers to be careful.

“Reduce your speed, understand that when snow falls, there may be reduced visibility. It may take you longer to stop and just drive according to road conditions,” said Doug Wakabayashi with the Ministry.

But for some companies, poor roads can more business. Now that there’s snow on the ground, there might be a line to get winter tires on vehicles.

“The first snowfall of the year, everybody gets real crazy,” said Garth Kronk with Quality Tire. “You slide around a little bit and you start thinking you should be putting your winter tires on, so all the tire stores in town I’m sure are going to be swamped.”

Quality Tire is fully booked — and expects to stay that way for a few months.

“I’ve been preaching for a long time that seven degrees is the magic number. When it hits plus seven rubber is frozen solid, so it’s time to put the winter tires on,” Kronk said. “So, for the last week or so we’ve been putting on winter tires, so we’ve got some of the rush done. But we’re getting into some of the ones that start getting a little serious now.”

Winter weather is expected to continue this week. For the full forecast, download the CTV Regina Weather App.