Saskatchewan Government Insurance has put a new twist on some popular Christmas carols to drive home a message about impaired driving this holiday season.

SGI is reminding anyone who wants to drink alcohol or use marijuana should plan ahead before heading out the door by arranging a safe ride home or staying over at a friend’s house.

Regina police will also be focusing on catching impaired drivers this holiday season.

“Impaired driving is a problem for our community and for our province,” Supt. Darcy Koch said. “We are continually aware of that and continuing doing enforcement action on a regular basis.”

“We understand that people are going to be spending time with family and friends and loved ones and we want to make sure that the only knocks on the door they are getting are from friends and family bearing gifts and good tidings, and not knocks on the door (with) someone bearing the worst news a family could get,” said SGI representative Tyler McMurchy.

Last December, three people were killed and 18 others injured because of impaired driving.