Premier Brad Wall brought the head of the RCMP in Saskatchewan to the legislative building Wednesday to assure people that the province remains safe.

“The risk to Saskatchewan is low,” Assistant RCMP Commissioner Curtis Zablocki told reporters.

But Zablocki says Saskatchewan must remain vigilant after a recent rash of terrorist attacks around the world.

The government revealed that there has been at least one recent investigation in Saskatchewan into individuals that had become radicalized. No other details could be released.

"The police agencies and authorities need to be vigilant going forward, but citizens can as well," said Wall.

The premier singled out the Saskatchewan Islamic community as being particularly helpful.

"Every time there is a terrorist attack I feel like we have to explain ourselves,” said Faycal Huggui, a member of Saskatchewan’s Islamic community.

“We have to actually somehow prove that we are innocent, that we are not with them and the fact is, actually, we are with you, we are Canadian."