1. Saskatchewan Airshow ticket buyers turned away as crowds exceed 25,000 people

Some people with tickets for Saturday’s Saskatchewan Airshow at 15 Wing Moose Jaw were turned away.

Saskatchewan Airshow

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2. 'Very disappointing': Couple upset about spur line being built in front of home

Dan Aussant and his wife built a home in the Rural Municipality of Edenwold fifteen years ago. For them, when they built the home, everything in the area was perfect for them. But Aussant believes the quietness around him is about to change due to Viterra building a spur rail line across the road from his home.

RM of Edenwold

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3. Stray dog found covered in ticks recovering in foster care

A stray dog is now recovering in foster care after she was brought in to CC RezQs covered in ticks, serving as a reminder for dog owners to check for ticks and take precautions to prevent them.


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4. Gainer the Gopher shows off new eyes after redesign controversy

Gainer the Gopher got another change to his look after the redesign of the beloved mascot went viral last week.


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5. No need for restaurant business licences in Regina Beach raising concerns

A Regina Beach truck vendor claims he’s being driven out of town, after he says he was told by a town councillor on Canada Day he couldn’t operate his food truck there.

Scotty’s Hot Diggity Dogs

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