The trial for a third man charged in a Regina cold case got started at Regina’s Court of Queen’s bench Tuesday.

Lester Favel - who is charged with second degree murder in Ronald Kay’s disappearance - was quiet and inexpressive as Trevor Asapace took the stand as one of Crown prosecutor Zoey Kim-Zeggelaar’s witnesses.

Asapace currently serving a 15-year sentence at the Saskatchewan Penitentiary after pleading guilty to manslaughter in Kay's death.

On Tuesday, Asapace detailed the November 2013 night he says Kay was beaten to death. Asapace testified he witnessed his uncle, Bill Favel, get into an argument with Kay that night, before Bill began slapping and kicking Kay.

Asapace said, later, he, his cousin, Lester Favel, and Kay's sister, Maxine Topp, all participated in various degrees of assaulting Kay. Asapace said it was a heat of the moment incident, and he got carried away after a day of drinking and doing drugs.

Asapace told the court he left the home and later returned to discover Kay was dead. He said he, Bill and Lester then put the body in a garbage bin, and that was the last time he saw Kay's body.

Topp also took the stand Tuesday. She testified she was drinking heavily and passed out that night, and when she woke up, she said she saw Asapace, Bill and Lester beating Kay. She said Bill told her Kay was a child molester, and that was when she began participating in the altercation.

Kay was last seen in November 2013. Officers' searched for Kay's body unsuccessfully and the case went cold for several years, until Asapace confessed to police in December 2016.

The following month, police charged Lester Favel, Bill Favel and Asapace with second degree murder in connection with the case. Like Asapace, Bill Favel previously pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death, so Lester Favel remains the only one still before the court.

Court will resume Wednesday, with Bill Favel expected to testify.