The trial continues for three men accused of killing Shawn Douglas in August 2014.

Douglas, 54, was found dead August 9, 2014. Dennis Thompson, Joshua Wilson, and Jonathan Peepeetch are all on trial for first-degree murder in his death.

On Friday, court heard from a woman who was at a party in the 1600 block of Toronto Street with Douglas on the night he died. Her name is protected under a publication ban. The woman began her testimony on Thursday and was cross-examined by the defence on Friday.

The woman confirmed she went to a party with a relative, whose name is also protected. The woman confirmed she didn’t know Douglas before the night he died, and that her relative targeted him for money and drugs.

The woman told court she was part of a group who drove Douglas outside of Regina. She said she suggested leaving Douglas on the side of the road, but didn’t think the men would kill him.

The woman was arrested in Saskatoon after Douglas’ death, but was never charged. She said she wasn’t truthful with Saskatoon police at first, but ended up changing her story.

Defence questioned the woman about her statements to police and how they differed from her testimony in court. They pointed specifically to her description of people inside the vehicle with her when Douglas was left on the side of the road. In her police statement, she said she was in the car with her relative and a man she described as “the old bald guy.” But in her testimony in court, she described a different man in the vehicle with them.

Defence continued to question the woman about the inconsistencies with her police statements. She told the court that it happened a long time ago, asking “Why would I want to remember an incident like this?”

Defence asked if they should believe her testimony now, or what she told police at the time of Douglas’ death.

The trial continues on Monday.