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Trial for man accused of brother's death resumes, appears in court by video

The trial for the man accused of his brother’s death resumed on Tuesday morning, with the accused appearing in court by video.

Joseph Thauberger’s trial was postponed on Monday when he headed to the General Hospital then to the Pasqua Hospital for emergency surgery.

On Tuesday morning, the Crown made an introduction of an agreed statement of facts for trial, as well as admitting exhibits for trial from the voir dire, which was held in March. A few articles were exempt from the trial, but the majority were accepted.

The accused was not arraigned, or called before court to answer to a charge, as he had been back in March.

Crown prosecutor, Adam Beker introduced the agreement of the statement of facts surrounding this trial, including the dates around Patrick's disappearance, arrest and charges. He confirmed the identity of Patrick Thauberger, and court was recessed until 2 p.m.

The Crown called their first witness, Cons. Ryan Buhr, the police officer assigned to documenting the crime scene.

Buhr has been with the Regina Police Service for more than 12 years, and with the forensic unit for more than four, court heard.

He testified to executing the search warrant and the photos he took of the accused’s house at 2721 Francis St. He first appeared at the house on Nov. 29, 2020 and he recalled it as a Sunday.

He first took photos of the perimeter of the residence, before heading inside for more detailed photos later in the week.

Inside, the house was shown and was described by Buhr as “cluttered, quite a bit of property in the house.”

Buhr later testified that he seized two sink cabinet doors, a kitchen table and some floor tiles, as it looked as though an altercation had happened around that area in the kitchen, something he was to look out for.

The cabinet doors had what Buhr described as three gashes on each door.

He was also instructed to search for hammers on the property, to which he told court he found several in the house, garage and vehicles.

Court will resume at 10 a.m. Thursday, as Thauberger has medical appointments on Wednesday.

The Crown will call civilian witnesses at that time. Top Stories


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