Gerald McDormand sat quietly with his head down for long stretches as he was interrogated on the day he was arrested in connection in the death of Blaine Katz.

“I had nothing to do with this,” McDormand stated throughout his conversation with Sgt. Pierre Beauchesne.

McDormand’s manslaughter trial entered a third day on Wednesday at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Regina.

After hearing from witnesses over the course of the day on Tuesday, the court had the opportunity to hear McDormand’s version of the events that transpired at 2105 Cornwall St. on Aug. 12, 2017.

McDormand was adamant throughout his statements to police that he never touched Blaine Katz during the assault that ended with Katz dying from a stab wound.

“I had nothing to do with killing the guy,” McDormand stated to police.

McDormand admitted to being in the apartment building that night, but stated that he was left as soon as he saw Steven St. Pierre standing over Katz, who was lying in the hallway with blood around him.

“I came out of there and Blaine’s getting beat and [explicit], I went downstairs and left,” he said.

“I didn’t [explicit] hit the guy, I didn’t [explicit] kick him or you said it was a knife, I didn’t [explicit] stab him, nothing, I didn’t do [explicit] all. I didn’t touch the guy or kill him.”

McDormand also told Sgt. Beauchesne that they wouldn’t find any DNA on his clothing, “Absolutely positive,” he said.

Prior to hearing McDormand’s statements to police, the Crown presented DNA evidence with expert testimony from Jasmine Robitaille, a biology reporting scientist with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. She stated Katz’s blood was found on McDormand’s socks, jeans and shoes.

On Thursday, the court will hear testimony from Amanda Coate, who lived in the apartment where Katz was killed.