Over 80,000 fans packed into Mosaic Stadium over the weekend for two performances by country music star Garth Brooks, but two fans will remember the weekend forever.

Southey’s Camille Baragar has had to deal with bullying at school over the past few years, but an inspirational moment during Saturday’s concert has given her new hope.

“She’s got her little sparkle in her eye again and if that confidence builds for her to start into grade seven with, that’s the greatest gift we can have,” said Connie Baragar, who attended the concert with her 11-year-old daughter.

Garth Brooks noticed Camille’s sign, which read “Bullied But Not Broken” and requested that he play his hit song, “Standing Outside the Fire”.

Following the performance of the song, Brooks pulled Camille on stage and had a special message for her.

“When he was done, he called me onto the stage and I was crying again and he hugged me, told me to stay strong and that he loved me,” said Camille.

For Camille, receiving an inspirational message from someone like Brooks is life changing.

“It was very inspirational because I do get bullied a lot and so to have someone famous and them telling you that, that really matters,” said Camille.

There was another special moment at Saturday’s concert as Brooks spotted Winnipeg’s Brooklyn Van Reed, who was celebrating her 21st birthday by seeing her favourite artist in concert. Brooks stopped the show to serenate Van Reed with a rendition of happy birthday.

“A happy birthday from Garth Brooks and all those people in the stadium sang to her, it was amazing, it was so beautiful,” said Tammy Wasylowski, Brooklyn’s mother. “The emotion in that moment is like you can’t breathe.”

Brooks posted to social media that he fell in love with Canada over the two nights, but his impact on Camille and Brooklyn will be felt for a lifetime.