REGINA -- Two employers in Saskatchewan have pleaded guilty to charges stemming from workplace injuries.

The Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety said on Monday that 101063698 Saskatchewan Ltd. and Rosengren Farms have pleaded guilty to the charges.

The province fined 101063698 Saskatchewan Ltd. for failing to ensure the workplace was sufficiency and competently supervised.

As well, the company was fined for failing to ensure workers were not working within the minimum distance from any exposed energized conductor, and that material wasn’t stored or operated within this same distance of the conductor.

The charges come after a worker was injured while working on a platform attached to a forklift in 2018 in Turtle Lake.

The company received $24,000 in fines.

In an unrelated matter, Rosengren Farms pleaded guilty for failing to provide information, instruction and supervision that is necessary to protect the health and safety of workers.

The charges are a result from an incident in October 2018 where a worker was seriously injured while a pallet was being lifted in Midale.

The company was fined $11,900.